Art therapy

art therapy with a child with cerebral palsy

Art therapy is one of the softest and safest types of psychotherapy, which allows you to penetrate into the inner world of the child and help him to restore his emotional state.

Often non-verbal means are the only way to express and clarify the strong feelings and beliefs of children. In the process of drawing, modeling, creating applications, sand animation, interaction with natural materials, the child is immersed in a creative state, it relieves psychological stress, increases the feeling of comfort. Additionally, art therapy provides a socially acceptable way out of aggression and other negative feelings.

Through drawing, play, fairy tale in the process of art therapy, a psychologist helps the child:

  • report their fears and get rid of them;
  • release strong emotions and feelings;
  • rebuild the conflict and traumatic situation, find a new form of understanding it;
  • relax and relieve stress.

We must not forget the obvious: art therapy develops attention, imagination, creativity and fine motor skills, prepares the hand for writing.

After art therapy, the child's psychological condition improves, self-perception changes, anxiety decreases. Parents receive feedback and advice from a specialist.

art therapy with a child with cerebral palsy