Art studio in the St.John’s Center

a child with cerebral palsy draws with chalk

Art studio in the St.John’s Center

Creativity is a magic wand with which children and adults create miracles.

For children with disabilities, creativity is a bridge that facilitates the child's transition to independent speech, reading and writing. Working with paints, plasticine, clay, natural materials teaches concentration and self-control, develops fine motor skills and all sensory systems of the brain, reduces anxiety and increases self-esteem.

Among children with disabilities, there are many children with abilities in fine arts, so, for some, classes in the art studio will help to discover and develop talent, find a hobby or even a profession.

Our art studio is inclusive, and children who are undergoing rehabilitation at the Center and children from the local community can enjoy it here. We believe that collective creativity will unite them, arouse their interest in each other, and instill in healthy children tolerance for children with disabilities.