Inclusive church of saint John of kronstadt

Inclusive church of saint John of Kronstadt

Church of St. John of Kronstadt is an organic part of the rehabilitation center CO "John's Center" for children with disabilities.

It is brand new: its consecration took place on December 15, 2020. It was a year full of surprises and vicissitudes. Despite of all difficulties, the church functions and cares for those who need spiritual

Joint services in our church are held every Sunday and on all Twelve Great Feasts.

There are a number of factors that make our church unique in its own way.

Є ряд чинників, які роблять нашу церкву по-своєму унікальною.

  • Inclusion

    Our doors are opened to people with disabilities.

    The building has a convenient entrance for wheelchairs, and handrails for movement inside. There is also a small library in Braille: the Gospel of Matthew, the Old and New Testaments in an adapted presentation. We also have our own sign language interpreter, the priest Fr. Yevheniy Babenko, who conducts Sunday services with sign language translation once a month.

    Further plans:

    • Confessional facilities.
    • We also want blind people to be able to "see" God and the saints, so the plans are to make tactile icons.


церква відкрита з 09:00 до 18:00.

7:30 - Утреня
9.00 - Літургія

Контактний телефон:
+38 096-825-93-20 о.Євгеній
Facebook: @ioanniv.hram

дитина в Храмі тримає хрест
  • Child-friendly

    One of our advantages is a good, friendly atmosphere and a warm attitude to children. For example, the caretaker of one of the carnivals is a toy lamb Sean, which is sure to please little parishioners.

    Further plans:

    • Children's corner with a warm rug, coloring pages and toys.
    • Sunday school.

  • Comfort

    In our Church you can always sit down if you are tired, we have beautiful and comfortable chairs. In addition, the center has a dressing room, equipped with all necessary toilets, which with all convenience can be used by people with disabilities.

  • Pilgrimages

    Our church organizes pilgrimages for parishioners and relatives who raise children with disabilities. And this is only a small part of the interesting!

Join us in the Lord. Let's do good deeds together!

Let's do good deeds together!

Let's go to the Lord together!