St.John's Center Computer Club

Computer Club at St. John's Center

St.John's Center Computer Club

Nowadays, computer skills open up a wide world for children and adults: the world of games and communication, education and employment.

The computer club will bring together children from the local community. In addition, the computer club will be a platform for children who are undergoing rehabilitation at the John Center to acquire new glasses. For a person with a disability, the computer can be the most important tool for learning about the world and finding one's place in it.

With the help of a computer you can train logic and reaction, develop sensory systems. Children learn and do homework, communicate with each other, travel online, find new hobbies. The opportunities provided by the computer and the Internet are exciting, inspiring and stimulating to learn more, to learn more.

In the computer club, an individual approach will be applied to everyone. Some will work on the tablet, others & ndash; will master the keyboard. The range of classes will be huge: from the simplest games for reaction or intelligence to mastering the programs at the request of the child. Some will learn to solve logic problems or improve sensory skills, and some will go from building worlds in Minecraft to programming.

We strive to create integration groups in the computer classroom for children with disabilities and children in the local community.

In the meantime, the computer class is waiting to be filled with furniture and appliances.

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