Hand therapy

Hand therapy

- these classes are aimed at restoring or acquiring physical functions of the hands, which should be normal.

Hand therapy with elements of occupational therapy is a program of classes aimed at improving the coordination of hand movements and fine motor skills, development and strengthening of muscles and self-care skills, the ability to dress and undress, to tie shoelaces,to fasten hooks, buttons and zippers, etc

In hand therapy classes, our therapist uses elements of Su-Jok therapy, and to increase the amplitude of movements in the hands - passive and active gymnastics.

In the form of a game, the child develops the ability to relate objects and think logically, acquires graphomotor skills, improves writing skills and fine motor skills.

Thanks to bright and interesting toys of various textures and forms, children master basic skills: grasping, holding, carrying and releasing.

During the game, children develop and improve self-care skills, which is very important in everyday activities for adaptation to the environment.

So that your child is not bored in hand therapy classes, we use a variety of interesting equipment: bizibordy, educational toys, colorful handkerchiefs, musical instruments, touch balls and more. We are sure that you and your child will be satisfied with such fun and useful exercises and activities.

Hand therapy