History of the center

project of the building of the rehabilitation center


The idea of creating the “St. John’s Center” (Ioanniv center in Ukrainin language) Charitable organization came to Pavlo and Dmytro Ovchynnikov, the founders of “KIDDISVIT” in 2011. It was picked up by Andriy Pinchuk, the head of the “Pomagaem” Charitable Foundation. The founding team visited about 10 rehabilitation centers to form a clear plan: the center should provide physical rehabilitation services, vocational guidance, it should include inclusive studios for children with disabilities and for healthy children from the local community and the center should work with parents and for those who wish spiritual support is provided.

old abandoned building pidgorodne

How the building was found

The building was found on the territory of a hospital in Pidhorodne town near Dnieper In 2012, which had only bare walls. It took four years to draw up documents for the building and create the concept of the future center. This process was slowed down by the events in the country and the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation: the forces of philanthropists were focused on helping the displaced. At the same time, the architectural design of the future Center was being carefully prepared.

reconstruction of the Center Pidgorodne


The reconstruction began in 2017, which completely changed the look of the building. More than 15 million hryvnias ($ 580,000) were spent on the reconstruction and purchasing for the future Center. It was not easy to find a rehabilitation center that would share the most valuable: knowledge and skills. And we felt confidently only when the “Innovo” Medical Physical Therapy Center, headed by Yaropolk Pshyk, joined the project. It was the Innovo specialists who taught physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists at the” John’s Center”. And now ”Innovo” Medical Physical Therapy Center is our tutors who help us to build work according to modern European rehabilitation protocols.

rehabilitation center of St.John’s


And so, in December 2019, the " St.John’s Center " was opened, and in 2020 began to accept children for rehabilitation. We want that our center not just to provide quality services. We want these services to be accessible to every child. This is the activity of the founders of the center, our social programs and charity meetings: so that, despite the material wealth of the family children can be actively developed and they confidently move forward. Together with the center and together with you!