Pediatric neurologist

Pediatric neurologist

In our center, a pediatric neurologist as part of a multidisciplinary team examines children from birth to 18 years, using the principles of evidence-based medicine. This uses a combination of effective international standards for neurological care.

How is a pediatric neurologist examined?

After reading in detail the history and complaints, the doctor begins the examination:

  • Assess muscle tone;
  • Assess pathological movements, seizures (if any);
  • Evaluates superficial and deep reflexes;
  • Evaluates the degree of development of cognitive and communicative functions;
  • Assess the child's state of coordination;
  • Evaluates the level of skills development according to the age of the child.

Based on these data, a diagnosis is made and an individual rehabilitation program is created for the child.

If the need arises, the neurologist may prescribe additional tests:

  • MRI, CAT scan of the spinal cord or brain;
  • Ultrasound of the brain with Doppler imaging of its vessels;
  • X-ray examination of the spine;
  • EEG - mapping;
  • Laboratory tests (immunological, biochemical, genetic).