The team of our center

Andriy Pinchuk, Director of the center
Andriy Pinchuk

Director of the center

St.John's center is my inspiration and joy. I am inspired by the stories of children who started walking or swallowing, became more confident or learned something they did not know how before. I feel uplifted at the thought of how much goodness and happiness our team brings to the families of those who turn to us for help. I know that the John Center gives hope and a new quality of life. That's why I work here.
Olga Zelenina, medical director, pediatrician
Olga Zelenina

medical director, pediatrician

I came to the Center to help children expand their opportunities, improve their quality of life, gain new knowledge and skills, and work at the principles of evidence-based medicine.
Eugene Kanyuka, a senior physical therapist
Eugene Kanyuka

a senior physical therapist

I work at the John Center because my credo is to help people.
Natalia Grishunina, a pediatric neurologist
Natalia Grishunina

pediatric neurologist

My decision to start working at the St. John's Center was prompted by many positive responses from patients' parents, the Center's high professional status, and informational contacts with centers of international importance, including the “Innovo” Center.
Natalia Makarova Physical therapist, an occupational therapist
Natalia Makarova

Physical therapist, an occupational therapist

In the process of working with children, I realized that most children with disabilities need rehabilitation or habilitation. I help children to adapt to the environment so that they feel more confident in society
Tatiana Bilokha, a senior psychologist
Tatiana Bilokha

senior psychologist

I work at the St.John’s Center because I consider it as my calling. It is important for me to give children the opportunity to develop faster, to be interested in the world, to find a source of joy and pleasure!
Олександр Луценко physical therapist
Alexander Lutsenko

physical therapist

I work at the St.John’s Center because it is important for me to benefit society. Children inspire me with their achievements and sincere joy in things that most people do not even think about.
Kira Galarevich, a physical therapist
Kira Galarevich

physical therapist

I love children very much, I liketaking care of them, to help them, so I have been dreaming for a long time to become a rehabilitation specialist, and I have no regrets that I chose this profession.
Anna Bondarenko, an assistant in physical therapy
Anna Bondarenko

assistant in physical therapy

To be a whole person, a person must not only take something from the world, but also give. I am impressed by the capabilities of the human body, and I get great pleasure when I use my knowledge and skills to improve the condition and functioning of the human body. For me, this is an opportunity to contribute to the development of our world.
Julia Simakova, an assistant occupational therapist
Julia Simakova

an assistant occupational therapist

I work here because I know I can help each child to take a step forward, that we will not stand still. They also give me the opportunity to learn something new, so my children and I develop together!
Anton Rusin, a speech therapist
Anton Rusin

speech therapist

I work at the St.John’s Center because I appreciate a comprehensive approach in the rehabilitation of children, and this is where it prevails.
Anna Kovalenko, a speech therapist
Anna Kovalenko

speech therapist

For me, working at the St.John’s Center is an opportunity to help children in need. To do this, I am ready to do everything in my power!
Marina Filonenko, a psychologist, art therapist
Marina Filonenko

psychologist, art therapist

I work in a center for children with disabilities and I see that each child has unique features that make it unique. The main thing is a sincere desire to unleash the potential they have, to help them to adapt and socialize in our society.
Anna Mikhailova, an assistant physical therapist
Anna Mikhailova

an assistant physical therapist

This work has been my vocation since childhood. When life confronted me with a difficult diagnosis of my brother: cerebral palsy, I realized the importance of working in this area. When you see the results of a child's work, when he learns something new and becomes more independent, it gives more motivation. When you feel like a child, it becomes something more than just a profession - it becomes a part of life.
Marina Kisla, an assistant physical therapist
Marina Kisla

an assistant physical therapist

I grew up in a family of doctors and I wanted to connect my life with it. When I worked at the ambulance, I got the incredible pleasure of realizing that I was helping people. And now I get a lot of inspiration from helping children improve their lives. I keep wondering and following their example, so small but so strong in spirit!
Alexander Sergienko, an assistant physical therapist
Alexander Sergienko

an assistant physical therapist

I like my job because I can help people achieve their goals. Rehabilitation is not one universal procedure, it is a whole set of individual measures, and it is extremely interesting to select the necessary exercises for the child and see the result.
Alexey Rudenko, an assistant physical therapist
Alexey Rudenko

an assistant physical therapist

I work here because I have had the practice of working with adults and children, and I am very inspired by the desire of children to develop. Unfortunately, adults drop their hands more often. In addition, I have a younger sister with connective tissue dysplasia. I had been watching a specialist work with her, and maybe that's what prompted me to study rehabilitation.
an assistant in physical therapy
Anastasia Biliy

an assistant in physical therapy

For the fact that I deal with children every day and give them what makes their eyes happier, I also get a return. We grow together with them and make each other better!
Maria Dudka, a junior nurse
Marіia Dudka

junior nurse

I work at the St.John’s Center because I feel the call of my soul to help children who are in a need of help in rehabilitation, who are sensitive to themselves. I try to work so that children get the most out of being in the center.
Karina Klimenko, a medical registrar
Karіna Climenko

medical registrar

I like to work in the field of charity and help children, adding new colors and new opportunities to their lives. When I see the smiles of the wards of the "St.John’s Center" - I understand that I chose the right job.
Nina Zaitseva, a medical registrar
Nіna Zai`tceva

medical registrar

Working at the Center, I make a small contribution to making every child feel fully happiness. Children's happiness is the upmost thing in life.
Fr. Yevhen Babenko, a priest of the domestic church
Fr. Yevhen Babenko

a priest of the domestic church

For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamed of making the world a little better and better. Seeing this desire, the Lord called me to serve people. It is with His help that I am a priest, a sign language interpreter. And the St.John's Rehabilitation Center has given me the opportunity to support those who really need it - people with disabilities, adults and children, in difficult life circumstances. I am very glad that the children liked the temple of the center, because this is their temple too!